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As a THOS-SOFTWARES branch, TexToDev is a web development, design & SEO agency based in United Kingdom. We build high-quality website designs and offer other solutions to startups and corporations.

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What we can do for your online business?

We can offer a variety of services, from web design to complete web softwares, SEO and e-commerce, all to skyrocket your business and gain trust.

Some of our services in one place.

Web design

We can provide responsive and modern web design services for your business to get a new look that will make your customers happy.


We can optimize your website for search engines so you can rank higher on your desired keywords and target your customers for reaching a better audience.

Graphic design

From logo designs to amazing illustrations, we can build art for your online business.

Web development

We can build custom web software solutions from scratch to provide an unique user experience to your users.


We can setup your e-commerce online store in a timeless manner and provide maintenance from products to web server side.

e-commerce build

Our story

Since August 2019 we specialized in software solutions for other businesses and provided web solutions for hundreds of customers across the world.
We love to bring new startups to reality and help other businesses expand in a timeless manner.

What do our customer say?


I asked Textodev to make me a logo and in under 30 minutes they made an amazing logo! Best logo designers I’ve seen. Definitely recommend for all your needs.


We needed a modern and professional logo for our business, TexToDev provided a fast graphic design to represent our company, we love it!


We embraced all solutions from THOS-SOFTWARES, including TexToDev, we contacted them for a website design and we are proud of this decision.


We needed YourPay integration with our current billing software and we contacted TexToDev, in only 24 hours we received the perfect integration extension for our cart software.

Why choose us?

  • Responsive websites

    We build websites that are mobile & desktop friendly for a better user experience.

  • Clean code

    We think that the code is very important for your business, we provide a clean result so you can safely edit any part of your website.

  • Modern technologies

    We use modern programming technologies compatible with most web servers in order to make our clients happy.

  • Modern illustrations

    For a better business style, we provide modern illustrations and logos.

  • Fast delivery

    The delivery time is very important, so we will provide your order result as fast as we can.

  • Business-based pricing

    We know that many startups wouldn't have a high budget for a professional service, so we can provide a special price for your business.

  • Fresh minds

    We are a team of teen people, people that love what are they doing because your success is our business.

  • Focused SEO

    We focus on providing the best results for our SEO packages as well, optimizing your website as much as we can to increase your visitors and conversion rate.